About Me

About Me

A bit quirky, driven by creativity and the knowledge that your satisfaction is key to my success. I believe in continuous growth; personally, professionally, and creatively. I attribute this yearning for progress to one of my most dominate personality traits; I care. I care about how you feel when you look at your photos; I care, and want them to capture elements that are meaningful to you, tomorrow, and for years to come.


Ashley Paradis

2019: Finding balance + channeling a new focus! The 2018 season, was PHENOMENAL; after years of continuous effort to build my business, I spent each day just trying to keep up with the growth! Soaking up every second of light, and every moment clients (turned dear friends) chose to share with me. Sunrise sessions on the coast, and Sunsets amongst the fields with the western mountains painted in the background. Ahhh! These are the days I dreamt about!!! Sea salt in my hair, ripped jeans, and my favorite lens at the hip…wholly + completely in my element. TRAVEL; was always a life goal…  27 Weddings; covering Maine, New England, Texas, Ohio and a seminar in Nashville to spark some creative juices. Each day was jam packed with LOVE, joy, and happy ever afters! To say I am grateful, is an understatement. <3 For years I poured my heart and soul into growing "Silverbell Photography" sacrificing so much of myself; learning with every failure + cherishing every success. A wildly busy season, left me completely drained... as the saying goes, "you can't pour from an empty glass". With much reflection, I am learning to take a little me time; you know to smell those roses + become even more passionate about LIFE ... so I can pour even more of myself into my craft! Forever chasing that spark + fueling the drive to creating more refined version of myself + my business! CHEERS, to finding balance along the way! Always, Love + Light, Ashley XO

2018: Can’t stop this feeling! After a phenomenally blessed year, something was missing! I loved my creative space in the comfort of my home; I just needed a space where I could share this kind of cozy with the rest of the world! Nov 2017, the creative juices were flowing… and Jan 2018 began an adventure I am so proud of! “The Cozy Farmhouse Studio.” My new studio space, located in the heart of Richmond ME, inspired by Maine’s Rustic Farmhouses. Comfy-cozy, a home away from home; where we will create and capture some of your most treasured memories! From the first weeks, 6 months, to the 1st year… this is the perfect space to capture all of the milestones of your growing babe! AND… those lacey details to celebrating the genuine YOU; a collection of photos that make the the most perfect wedding gift! The journey continues! Love + Light, Ashley XO

2017: A leap of faith; ever since I was a child I dreamed one day I would fill my days with travel, art, and laughter. The world continually influenced and shaped a person who I thought I should be. I spent 4 years in college attaining a degree, to sit in a cubicle, work long hours, and be “successful”. Dec 2016, I jumped! Into being who I was all along… farewell office job… HELLO self-employed!  I am beyond thankful for everyone, and every experience that led me to this! Cheers long drives to the beach, wedding weekends, and the sweetest afternoons among the fresh snow! Adventure awaits! XO Ashley

2016: Butterflies; the best way to describe this feeling. I am beyond thrilled to take one of my passions, crank up the focus, and make this dream come true. It’s time to capture life beyond my family and friends. Photos create moments we can forever look back to; puppies are only puppies for a short time, and so are babies too! I hope that this endeavor fills families walls and hearts with smiles they can look fondly upon; and think “Now, that was a spectacular day!” Without further ado, I open the curtains, and introduce to you “Silverbell Photography”. Named fondly after Silver Bell, my most special sidekick: Kiara Bell, an inspiring Silver Lab, who diligently accompanies me during the photo editing process. Lots of Love, Ashley XO